YWCA Yorkshire employs dedicated key workers to work through structured packages of support that are tailored to the needs of individuals and families. The following services are available at all locations unless otherwise stated.

iStock_000021902810_wrap aroundParenting Programmes

All of our key workers are qualified to deliver a range of recognised parenting and lifestyle programmes, but will also tailor packages to meet individual needs where required.

Sexual Health

Trained YWCA practitioners can advise on all aspects of sexual health from contraception and pregnancy testing to the safe use of condoms and how to manage sexually transmitted infections

Infant Massage

Staff members are qualified to deliver infant massage, and will teach parents how to use this rewarding and relaxing activity to encourage bonding and aid relaxation and sleep.

Access to Education

Support to access appropriate educational opportunities to include funding options, childcare and travel costs is available. YWCA Yorkshire also offers a range of on-site, NOCN accredited learning opportunities that can be completed at the clients own pace, and in an environment that suits their individual circumstances.

Access to Employment

We offer a work readiness assessment, careers advice and guidance, signposting to external support services, CV preparation and an in-house back to work programme.

Green Piggy BankBenefits & Budgeting

We offer guidance and support to fill in forms, make claims and access appropriate benefits. We assist families to prepare weekly budgets, shop effectively and monitor income and expenditure regularly to avoid the accumulation of debt, a poor diet and fuel poverty.

Debt advice

Advice and practical support with dealing with debt is available from qualified practitioners.

Emotional support & advocacy

Key workers act as advocates for individuals and families, supporting them to work effectively with agencies and services such as schools, health professionals, solicitors and the council.


Staff work with families to reduce the risks to children and young people from strangers, the internet, substance misuse, sexual exploitation and poor parenting